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Mary Burkett

News Talk 970 WKHM and Aspen Heating & Cooling teamed up to make one deserving citizen of Jackson happier, and warmer. All of the nominations had compelling stories. But in the end, it was Mary Burchett, a visually impaired woman, who recently lost her husband that was chosen. When Aspen crew members showed up to replace the furnace they got a surprise and found out the house was not heated with a furnace, but a more complicated, and expensive boiler system. Unphased, the crew replaced the system. Aspen had a surprise in store for Mary as well, as they installed new thermostats designed for the visually impaired.

(Mary was nominated by Wanda Monroe.)


Wendy Loomis

News Talk 970 WKHM and Aspen Heating & Cooling teamed up again for our 2nd Annual "Heat For The Holidays" Contest! Wendy Loomis won a new furnace with free installation, compliments of Aspen Heating & Cooling. Congratulations!

Wendy Loomis with her new furnace


Ronda VanSumeren

96.7 Family Life Radio and Aspen Heating & Cooling teamed to install two new furnaces in Ronda's home in Parma in our 3rd annual "Heat For The Holidays!"

Jimmie, Ronda, & Emily
Aspen's Jimmy Johnston, Ronda VanSumeren,
and her daughter, Emily

One Of The New Furnaces


Nine Recipients!

In our 4th annual "Heat For The Holidays" Aspen Heating & Cooling teamed up with BNI Rose City 2, 96.7 Family Life Radio and Westwinds Community Church to provide new furnaces for nine deserving families in the Jackson area!

Aspen's Jimmie Johnston receives a check from Kathy of BNI Rose City 2

The Rone Brown family receives a new
and parts donated
by BNI Rose City 2*

The Tim Fowler family gets a new
furnace and parts, compliments
of 96.7 Family Life Radio*

Three 96.7 FLR listeners also donated funds to buy a third furnace and parts for the William Locke Family.*

*Aspen Heating & Cooling provided free installation for all three furnaces.

The patrons at Westwinds Community Church raised donations to pay for the costs to have these furnaces installed. The labor was donated by the employees of Aspen Heating and Cooling. Ken Hill was nominated by a neighbor. Ken was an employee of JTA who lost his job due to a heart attack.

The Furnaces

The Crew

Ken Hill

New Furnace Installed

Aspen Heating & Cooling & Westwinds Community Church* teamed up to offer three more deserving families. *With the help of two anonymous donors - Thank you!

Jerry & Cindy Abbey
< >

Old Furnace

The Crew

The Abbeys

Denise Erb

The New Furnace


John Grout Family

The John & Fawn Grout and children
*Aspen installed all new ducts with the furnace


Three Recipients!

Bob Miller of Jerome
Paid for by an anonymous donor

Mitchell Perdue of Jackson
New furnace & installation donated
by Aspen Heating & Cooling

BNI Rose City donates funds for 3rd Furnace
Check accepted by Aspens' Derek Gorton

3rd Winner, Mike Gundy of Spring Arbor




Four Recipients!

Annette Jones
Carol Anderson
Keith Jones Dennis Ostrander


Five Recipients!

The Gearmo Family

Lillia w/ the new furnace..

The old furnace

This furnace was donated by Dean and Julie Reicke.

The England Family

Miss England w/ the new furnace.

The old furnace.

This furnace was donated by the BNI Rose City II.

Click here to see the letter that the Englands sent us.

The Guinn Family

The Guinn Girls and thier new furnace

The old furnace.

BNI Rose City II

Aspen's Jim Johnston and Brent Bushinski accept check from BNI Rose City 2. This is the third consecutive year that this chapter has donated a furnace. Thanks to all those who have helped this year and in the past.

The Carrie Bernardi Family

Carrie and Rocko w/ the new furnace.
Patrons of WestwindsCommunity Church
Donated the cost of this furnace installation.

Aspen's Brett Fiero installs a liner kit.

The old furnace.

Terri Blodgett

The new furnace

The old furnace.

Patrons of WestwindsCommunity Church Donated the cost of this furnace installation. Terri wrote a very heartwarming thank you note to us. And we would like to thank her for that.

Click here to see that letter.


The Redfords