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Richard C.

Richard was born October 16, 1968 in Adrian, MI. He attended High School at Columbia Central High School and graduated in 1987. And has an associates degree from ITT Tech.

Richard has been a resident of Jackson for 15 years. Richard has been in the HVAC industry for 20years. Besides working, Richard enjoys to spending time with his family and fishing.

If Richard would offer a homeowner any advice with regard to their HVAC system it would be that , "Have your furnace and water heater checked on a yearly basis. Your family's safety is worth it."

Richard's moto is, " Never regret something that made you smile. Because at some point it was exactly what you needed."

Richard's Cookie Special                    
Print off this coupon to recieve a $79.00 furnace tune up and safety inspection.  This coupon is only valid to our clients that Richard services. Only one coupon per household please. Not valid with any other offer.  This Coupon will be valid as long as Richard is part of our team.  Please tell your friends about this special and don't forget to give Richard this coupon.