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Benefits of investing in a Geothermal Comfort System

  • Lower operating costs - Operates more efficiently than ordinary heating and air conditioning systems, saving up to 80% in most cases.
  • Safe and clean - No flame, no flue, no odors, and no danger of fire or carbon monoxide. High efficiency filters remove dust and pollen to improve indoor air quality
  • Quiet operation - A super efficient compressor and soft-start, variable-speed fan make the Premier line so quiet that many people find themselves checking to make sure the system is actually on.
  • Comfortable - Provides precise distribution of warmer air in winter. Gone are the uneven temperatures experienced with ordinary furnaces. In the summer you get central air conditioning with better dehumidification.
  • Flexible - Heating, central air conditioning and domestic hot water -- three systems: all from the same compact unit.
  • Environmentally Friendly - The system emits no carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, or other greenhouse gasses which are considered to be major contributors to environmental air pollution.
  • Attractive - The completely self contained unit is maintained indoors. There is no need for noisy, unsightly, outside condensing equipment.
  • Reliable - Microprocessor controls and state-of-the-art components allow smooth operation and years of maintenance-free service.
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